Clarence Seedorf Art at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam
The painting is a work of art of Jeremiah Quarshie, part of the Time, Trade & Travel exhibition by the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA) in collaboration with the Nubeke Foundation in Accra, Ghana.

Quarshie created the painting to reflect the quest for identity, merging the narrative of the 18th century enslaved Avantuur and the Dutch-Surinamese soccer legend Clarence Seedorf. Around 1774 four-year old Avantuur was kidnapped in West Africa, enslaved and shipped to Suriname, South America. He gained his freedom thirty years later and immediately initiated the procedure to free his own children from slavery. Unfortunately he died before this was accomplished. After a long legal battle the colonial authorities finally granted his offspring their freedom. Avantuur is the African-born ancestor of the Surinamese Muntslag clan.

The narrative of the Muntslag family is written across the portrait of the renowned football player. Clarence Seedorf, also born in Suriname, exemplifies the quest for identity.

Paint: Jeremiah Quarshie, This is who I am?, 2012, acrylic on linen
Time, Trade & Travel, 25 Aug.-21 Oct., Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam