Clarence Seedorf at the UEFA Respect Diversity Conference
Clarence Seedorf underlined the importance of football as an education tool, discussing the future challenges football will have to take. "Football is a global phenomenon and we are key players in this fantastic game," said Seedorf in an address to delegates. "We need to have a positive campaign with positive messages and as an objective, to look for direct, short-term intervention as well as a long-term plan. I've been playing football for 23 years and with more than 30 nationalities; that has been a pleasure. That is one message we need to get across, because the more we tell the kids about the positive things, the better our future will be." "Education is the key solution for change, for peace and for help in the fight against racism and discrimination in general. It's fantastic that UEFA is creating these great conferences because it's about creating awareness; it's a great platform. And that's what we need to do: to speak about it and, through these conferences, find a better path than we have today. Globalisation has changed the world and football is the perfect instrument to set an example and to help adapt to this new world."