Press Release Clarence Seedorf
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On Oct. 31  Seedorf has been the special guest of Redacao Sport TV. When asked why he did leave Milan to go to Botafogo, Clarence responded the following:

“I knew I needed some adaptation time in Brazil, but motivation was a very important aspect. I had over 20 years playing and my relationship with the coach – Allegri - was not the best. Not for personal reasons, but although he had me play every important game against Juventus, Arsenal, Barca, Inter, afterwards he would have me sit on the bench for four consecutive matches. I am a player who always played; then it is clear when there are a series of games you have to make turnover , but he has made ​​other choices that have made ​​people doubt about (made teams who were interested on Seedorf doubt, ndr) the fact that I was fit or not. But honestly, especially in the year when we won the championship, I played a lot and I gave my important contribution in the second part of season. I know up to 40 years old players like Maldini, Cafu, Serginho, Giggs, Scholes, (who was called to play again at 38 years old)…So it was not a matter of age, because when people go to training constantly and play frequently, they can continue to play well  and even if  physical aspects rarely improves over time because age is age, who has always worked well, who was cured , manages to maintain a good physical level also being able to compensate with experience, having a better reading of the game and saving energy when you can. Giggs, so far - until last year - was the protagonist in Manchester …so it was a pity, not just in my case, but also with my colleagues. Like Nesta, who was my teammate  for a long time…they were almost obligated and there was this age thing…Now we see Milan – which is not the Milan we are used with because of the lack of quality in different sectors in the field , it needs to renew again and it will take some time to be the MILAN again. In my case, I needed new motivation to move forward in joy and I found it in Brazil.”

On November 1 Mr. Seedorf's statement was incorrectly translated and reported in a manner which could be inflammatory.

 Words such as attack were used and Mr. Seedorf's words were far from that.  Other misinterpretation include:“It has been a shame, I’m telling it also for what happened with Nesta and Maldini who were obliged to retire”; "The reason why I left AC Milan was, without doubts, it's current coach, Massimiliano Allegri"; "My situation was not the same of Nesta and Maldini"; "I'm also talking about Nesta and Maldini".

Not only were there poor interpretations but also the purely fictional and illogical such as the statement of Maldini...( “It has been a shame, I’m telling it also for what happened with Nesta and Maldini who were obliged to retire”) When in fact Maldini ended his tenure in 2009, while Allegri began only in 2010 and Nesta went to play in America.

We kindly ask that you, in the interest of good journalism and correctness, make the appropriate retractions of any false statement made and all others please report only as Mr. Seedorf has said.

 We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to reading your corrections.

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