Champions for Children
Champions For Children Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by Clarence Seedorf in 2005. The foundation recognizes the fundamental rights of children and is characterized by its focus on education and health through sport. Champions For Children aims to help young people, particularly in underdeveloped nations and those affected by natural disaster, wars and epidemics, but not limited to. Champions for Children sees the world as its community and continues to seek ways to enhance it.

Champions Playground

The Champions Playground’s mission is to encourage the act of participating in sport and physical activity which results in youths developing positive future expectation; by way of teaching life skills which helps create healthier communities. It is not the sport itself that is magical, it is the experience of sport that facilitates this result.
Life Skill Set Addressed:

- Communication and interpersonal skills.
- Decision-making and critical thinking, problem solving.
- Coping and self-management skills.

Children learn physical skills while enhancing their knowledge of working with others, fairness, team play, self-discipline, goal setting and leadership; a recipe for a successful life and healthy community.

Practicing skills leads to real behaviors. Learning by doing is the most effective method.
Exercise not only provides a positive impact on health and physical development, but it also improves most bodily systems. For example, learning and memory are increased because the brain receives numerous benefits from regular participation in exercise.There is an ongoing effort among educators to find new ways to enhance academic performance. New strategies and techniques are constantly being researched in an effort to increase learning during childhood and adolescence. Numerous studies have shown that exercise increases memory and learning, however, it is often overlooked as an enhancement strategy.

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