Finger's Restaurant
A believer in healthy living and a lover fresh, exciting flavors, Clarence, along with master chef Roberto Okabe (a Japanese-Brazilian gastronomic wizard) are owners of the  restaurant Fingers - one of the hottest-frequented eateries of Milan.

Clarence, his wife Luviana, along with Okabe (all partners), believe that it is the exotic flair and freshness on offer at Finger’s that continues to attract diners. “It takes more than a footballer’s  name to have a full house every night for six years.”  “A dish is to be savored by the eyes well before it is tasted,” emphasizes the chef, whose artistic sensibilities are as refined as his gastronomic ones. Listed as one of the world’s top-ten Japanese restaurants by GQ Magazine, reviewers have consistently confirmed the restaurant’s richly deserved reputation. Just one year after Finger’s opened, the most-respected culinary guide, the Gambero Rosso, put it on the map by awarding it a forchetta, the equivalent of a Michelin star. Also listed in the Italian Guida Espresso and named the best foreign restaurant by the Guida Mongello, Finger’s has been widely hailed as the trendiest eatery in the whole of Italy.